"A Higher Level of Hospitality"

  • Nourison’s ability to take a classic pattern and add subtle dimension with their detailed Hand-Carving techniques – brought richness and a sense of the unexpected to the look and feel of our hospitality project.

    ~ Aliya Khan
    Starwood Hotels and Resorts
  • Working with the Nourison team has been an outstanding experience. The custom designing & strike off process has been seamless. Their attention to design detail is unparalleled to leading manufactures in the hospitality industry. The quality of their product tied with their competitive pricing really makes using them a win win not only for us the design firm but for our clients. Their manufacturing capabilities allow the designer to step outside of the box when creating a custom product. Nourison defines luxury when it comes to Axminster carpet.

    ~ Alicia Cannon
    Principal for AJC Design
  • Nourison has the most educated, talented & knowledgeable in house carpet designers that contribute to the success of each & everyone of our projects & makes the process seamless from initial design vision to final installation. The level of renderings, seaming diagrams, flooded plans, extents drawings, in house take offs & quantity calculations are the best offerings in the industry & why Nourison is our preferred carpet vendor.

    ~ Diana Jonason
    Senior Studio Design Associate, C2 Limited Design Associates

Wool Carpet Manufacturer

Nourison is the leading multi-category resource in today’s floor covering market and one reason they have earned that distinction is because of their continued level of excellence as a wool carpet manufacturer. At Nourison, we understand that our dedication to using great wool has driven the success of our wool carpet lines.

Why wool? That fine, soft hair, which forms the coats of sheep, happens to be one of the best materials to use for making exceptional carpet when shorn and processed properly.

Benefits of a wool carpet:

  • Wool is recyclable and biodegradable along with being a natural, renewable resource produced in a very energy efficient method.
  • It is a non-allergenic fiber, which does not give off harmful emissions, or promotes the growth of bacteria or dust mites.
  • Wool acts as a great insulator of both sound and temperature.
  • It is naturally resistant to soil and is flame retardant.
  • Wool has a naturally pliant fiber, which allows superior appearance retention along with non-slip and non-abrasive characteristics.
  • It tends to age gracefully due to its natural resistance to compression.
  • Wool has exceptional dying characteristics.

Not only is wool a great choice because of durability, softness and the ability to create so many colors, it is the smart choice in today’s world where a premium is placed on being conscientious about the type of resource being used in businesses and homes. That is why Nourison has built such a strong foundation in wool.