"A Higher Level of Hospitality"

  • Nourison’s ability to take a classic pattern and add subtle dimension with their detailed Hand-Carving techniques – brought richness and a sense of the unexpected to the look and feel of our hospitality project.

    ~ Aliya Khan
    Starwood Hotels and Resorts
  • Working with the Nourison team has been an outstanding experience. The custom designing & strike off process has been seamless. Their attention to design detail is unparalleled to leading manufactures in the hospitality industry. The quality of their product tied with their competitive pricing really makes using them a win win not only for us the design firm but for our clients. Their manufacturing capabilities allow the designer to step outside of the box when creating a custom product. Nourison defines luxury when it comes to Axminster carpet.

    ~ Alicia Cannon
    Principal for AJC Design
  • Nourison has the most educated, talented & knowledgeable in house carpet designers that contribute to the success of each & everyone of our projects & makes the process seamless from initial design vision to final installation. The level of renderings, seaming diagrams, flooded plans, extents drawings, in house take offs & quantity calculations are the best offerings in the industry & why Nourison is our preferred carpet vendor.

    ~ Diana Jonason
    Senior Studio Design Associate, C2 Limited Design Associates

Maintenance & Care

Wool Carpet Cleaning Guidelines

Wool fiber is strong, flexible and naturally resistant to wear and tear as well as stains and dirt. Because wool can be cleansed with mild cleaning agents, chemical emissions from carpet cleaning are up to 5 times lower than hard floors.
Nourison recommends only the use of Woolite® or other compatible Carpet Cleaner for the cleaning of all rugs. The cleaning process should involve applying the Woolite® with a soft bristle brush, rinsing the water, and extracting with a vacuum or extractor. The rug should then be dried by air or low temperature blow dryer. The use of any other cleaning solvent will void the Nourison warranty, and make the cleaning service solely responsible for any damage caused to the rug.

Basic Tips

Here are some basic tips to properly maintain the distinctive quality and beauty of your Nourison rug and carpet installations for years.

Carpet Cleaning “Don’ts”

DON'T clean with hot water

Wool reacts poorly to hot water with shrinkage and change in texture. It should never be cleaned with water warmer than 150 degrees Fahrenheit. 

DON'T saturate

Wool fibers contain many small air pockets that if soaked will trap moisture for weeks. To dry quickly and prevent odor, use the minimal moisture and immediately dry with fans and good ventilation.

DON'T use abrasive cleaners

Wool fibers are organic and sensitive to direct sunlight and harsh cleaning chemicals. Do not use any cleaning agents that contain bleach or brightener. Choose cleaners that have a pH rating between five and eight.

Carpet Cleaning “Do’s”

DO vacuum regularity

Because wool is naturally dirt and stain resistant, simply vacuuming regularly will help to keep it clean and fresh. Regular vacuuming prevents dirt from being worked deep into the carpet fibers where it can cause structural damage. We recommend vacuuming all carpet at least once a week, and high traffic areas daily.

DO lift stains right away

While wool is notably stain resistant, it becomes difficult to clean once stains have set. Use a quality carpet stain remover according to the manufacturer’s instructions as soon as possible and then dry the spot thoroughly.

DO use a beater brush

A beater brush set to the tallest carpet setting helps remove dirt from within the carpet. Beater brushes are designed only for pile carpet and are never recommended for flat weave construction.